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Why you should join the Trinity PFA?

Getting Involved:


The money raised by the Parents and Friends Association benefits your children at school by providing them with resources, equipment and experiences – things that the school might not otherwise have been able to afford. At Trinity, the PFA has raised over £24,000 which has made a real difference to your child’s experience at school. The PFA has funded over 70 school trips which gives your child a unique contribution to education, and offers many varied benefits to them, not least developing a sense of place and wonder for the world around them; bought play equipment for your children to exercise and have fun, make friendships and social communication; invested in 60 iPads that help students understand enormous scale and other difficult concepts; and also funded the Year 6 tents for their camping experience.

But it’s not all about money; there are lots of other advantages to joining the PFA.

Make a difference

Raising funds for the school is worthwhile and rewarding. With just a few events each year, the PFA can really make a difference by providing extra computers, books for the library and exciting playground equipment. And, of course, your child is going to benefit from all those things while they are at the school.

Help your child to achieve

The more involvement you have with your child’s education, the better. Research has shown that when parents become involved in their child’s learning, at home and school, it has a positive effect on their achievement. So, join the PFA and you are helping your child to achieve their full potential.

Become a role model

When your child sees that you’re involved in their school, it shows them how important you think their education is. In turn, they see you as a good role model, undertaking voluntary work and helping the community. All of this helps them to become good citizens in the future.

Find out more about your child’s school

Being involved with the PFA means you’ll find out more about how the school is run and you’ll get to know about focuses for improvement and future plans. It really gives you a chance to keep in touch with what’s going on, and you’ll be one of the first to know about decisions made that are made by the head teacher.


Get experience, develop skills and gain confidence

If you’ve had a break from work to bring up your children, the PFA can be a great way of getting back into an environment that needs similar skills to the world of work. You can gain experience and knowledge about health and safety, insurance, licenses and risk assessments, as well as developing organisational and interpersonal skills.

Use your skills

Whether you can make costumes for the Christmas play, bake cakes, manage money or come up with new fundraising ideas, your skills are valuable to your school. The PFA gives you an opportunity to put your skills to good use and they will always be gratefully received.

Have fun

It really can be great fun helping with fundraising events. Whether it’s having wet sponges thrown at you at the summer fair or calling the numbers at the bingo night, you will enjoy being part of this group of similar-minded people.

Have you found an excuse of why you shouldn’t be involved in the PFA?

That’s because there isn’t one!

Is it time for you to be a part of the Trinity PFA

If you want to be involved in the Trinity PFA, Download the parent questionnaire and email back to us!

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