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The Trinity PFA is an independent voluntary organisation.

Our purpose is to support the school in improving and augmenting the facilities already in place.

Holding events and dealing with finance means that there are risks that need to be managed & mitigated. Trinity PFA has therefore decided to adopt the following policies & procedures to ensure that our purpose is achieved, namely:

    1. Code of Conduct

2. Risk Management (Physical)

    3.   Risk Management (Financial)

    4  Conflict of Interests

    5.   GDPR: Parents and Pupils

6. GDPR: Committee Member and Volunteers

7. Electing New Committee Members

8. Safeguarding

9. Privacy Policy (Website)

10. Social Media

11. Volunteers

Members of Trinity PFA Committee have agreed the policies and procedures.

The Trinity PFA will review the policies annually.

Amendments will be made on a simple majority of the Committee and in the event of a tie the Chair will have a casting vote.

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