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Book Fair

Scholastic Fantastic!

During the October parents evening each year, we run our annual ‘Book Fair’. The mobile bookcases are always packed with over 200 of the newest and best books from over sixty publishers and with books starting from only £2.99, there is a book for everyone!

The children’s’ enthusiasm for reading was astonishing which drove parents to come in and buy books for them. Order forms where sent home, which gave parents and children time to reflect on the books that they wanted. Scholastic, also introduced a new way to pay for books by calling them direct, with a simple and secure way to make credit or debit card payments and of course we have our own bank transfer scheme as well.

We are flabbergasted every year at the total raised and the school are extremely grateful to everyone who bought their children books from an educational point of view and obviously the rewards that the school has to spend on more books for the library.

Over the last 4 years the book fair has taken a total of £7138.40 of sales earning £3161.47 worth of Scholastic rewards to spend on books for the library.

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