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Funds to Raise 2019 - 20

We have another big year of fundraising for projects that have been requested by school. To do this for our children, school and our community, we need your help.


The estimated value for all projects shown below is around £40,000.

Daily Mile Track at Unity Place.

Cost £13.320. This is now complete.


Worship Area at Unity Place.

Cost TBC


School Trips

Estimated Cost: £1,800

Already spent: Lowry £350, PGL year 6 £400 & Brockholes £365

Total £1115

school trips.jpg

School Speakers / Activities for the Creative Curriculum.

Already spent: £500 on Planetarium for Year 5.


Canopy for the Outdoor Classroom at Brookwood Way


Benches & Planters etc.. to complete the Play Area at Brookwood Way

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