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Covid-19 Time Capsule

What is a Time Capsule?

Time capsules are containers of some kind which hold a selection of objects, picked because they have a special meaning in the time that we’re living in.

For example, time capsules have been found from as early as 1874 in the UK with photographs and letters, describing daily events happening that year


Why are we making one?

With the coronavirus pandemic, we are all living through an important moment in history. Many people want to help future generations learn about this time using time capsules, full of things that show what life under lockdown was like.

As much as everyone keeps saying it, these really are unprecedented times that no one alive today has ever experienced before. In the future, children in schools will be learning about social distancing, lockdown and the coronavirus in their history classes. It will be kept on school premises and will be opened at some point in the future; maybe by your grandchildren, your great grandchildren or your great-great grandchildren.

So why not make a piece of history with your child, by completing this booklet so that we can add it to our Covid-19 time capsule. You can also add photos, newspaper clippings, artwork that you have created or any special memories that you have had. I look forward to seeing all your creations.

Tracy King

Trinity PFA Chair

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