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Disco Divas!

Disco time!!

We organise our discos biannually like the movie nights so we always have an event for the children at the end of each half term up to the summer term when the kids are happy to be outside playing with their friends.

We always use the same DJ: Simon Presents as he is great with the kids and keeps them entertained for the full duration which also means, less for us to do apart from getting wrapped up in toilet rolls, joining the conga or riding on space hoppers all night.

We run a tuck shop at the discos too and the kids love having and spending their own money. The large turnout at our discos means that we have to split it into 4 separate discos with reception being on their own and then the others split into 2 year groups each. 

Over the last 3 years we have raised £2303.26!

Disco 2 161219.jpg

If you would like to book Simon for your child's party then click the link below which will take you to his website.

For any enquiries, questions or to discuss your requirements, then please use the email

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